“Blessed is the man…” (Psalm 1)

Psalm 1

1 Blessed is the man

Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,

Nor stands in the path of sinners,

Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;

2 But his delight is in the law of the Lord,

And in His law he meditates day and night.

3 He shall be like a tree

Planted by the rivers of water,

That brings forth its fruit in its season,

Whose leaf also shall not wither;

And whatever he does shall prosper.

4 The ungodly are not so,

But are like the chaff which the wind drives away.

5 Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgment,

Nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

6 For the Lord knows the way of the righteous,

But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

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Waiting for God’s Providence (Samuel Rutherford)

“I will charge my soul to believe and to wait for Him, and will follow His providence, and not go before it, nor stay behind it.”

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Waiting on the Lord (Eileen L. Gruder)

“To be impatient with God, chronically, habitually impatient with Him because things are not to our liking, makes the Christian life a dreadful burden.”

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Waiting on the Lord (A. W. Tozer)

We hear a great deal about “Go ye,” but not much about “Tarry ye.” We preach about urgency but not about patience.

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Waiting on the Lord (Vance Havner)

“He who waits on God loses no time.”

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Patience is the way to Overcome (Samuel Rutherford)

“The way to overcome is by patience, forgiving and praying for your enemies, in doing which you heap coals upon their heads, and your Lord shall open a door to you in your troubles. Wait upon Him, as the night watch waits for the morning. He will not tarry. Go up to your watchtower, and do not come down; but by prayer, and faith, and hope, wait on. When the sea is full, it will ebb again; and as soon as the wicked have come to the top of their pride, and are waxed high and mighty, then is their change approaching. Those who believe do not make haste.”

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Waiting on the Promises of God (Clement of Rome)

“How blessed and wonderful are the gifts of God, beloved! Life in immortality, splendor in righteousness, truth with boldness, faith with confidence, self control in holiness; and all these things fall within our comprehension. Therefore what, then, are the things being prepared for those who wait? The Creator and Father of the ages, the all-holy one himself, knows their magnitude and beauty. Therefore let us strive to be found among the number of those who wait, so that we may have a share in the gifts which were promised.”

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God is the Motive for Loving God (Bernard of Clairvaux)

“The motive for loving God, is God. No title can be stronger than this: God gave Himself to us in spite of our unworthiness, and, being God, what could He give us of greater worth than Himself? If, then, by asking why we are bound to love God, we mean, what is His claim, the answer is: Especially this, that He first loved us.”

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Loving with a Heavenly Love (Richard Baxter)

“It is the belief that I shall love my friends in heaven that principally kindles my love to them on earth. If I thought I should never know them after death, and consequently never love them more, when this life is ended, I should in reason number them with temporal things, and love them comparatively but a little, even as I love other transitory things (allowing for the excellency in the nature of grace). But now I converse with some delight with my godly friends, as believing I shall converse with them forever, and take comfort in the very dead and absent, as believing we shall shortly meet in heaven: and I love them, I hope, with a love that is of a heavenly nature.”

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Only Love of God Makes us Love Our Enemies (Thomas Aquinas)

“Love of our enemies springs, directly and purely, from love of God; whereas our love for other men arises from diverse motives, e.g., from gratitude, from kinship, from fellow-citizenship, and the like. But nothing save the love of God can make us love our enemies; for we love them because they are His creatures, made in His image, and capable of enjoying Him.”

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