Some Things I Did On My Summer Vacation

Here is a list of some interesting and unusual (at least to me) things I did on my vacation, in no particular order. While on my vacation I:

  1. Fed a giraffe
  2. Walked through my childhood church (largely unchanged since then)
  3. Read several books including Escape from Alcatraz and some good sci-fi
  4. Swam in the Atlantic Ocean (I grew up 30 or so miles from the beach yet only went a few times since I was a child)
  5. Visited a Civil War Cemetary and paid homage to 19 Florida boys who died defending Georgia’s rights during the War of Northern Agression
  6. Ate way too much
  7. Was the ruse (along with my wife) for a surprise birthday party; yes, we pulled it off, he had no idea.
  8. Explained the Kalam Cosmological Argument to someone
  9. Discussed the permissibility of the split infinitve
  10. Shared a hotel with some soon-to-be graduates of the Citadel
  11. Went through a mountain (twice; but not the same mountain)
  12. Climbed an oak tree that was over 200 years old
  13. Did a face-plant from a bicycle
  14. Watched manatees mate (there’s not much to see but its supposed to be some neat thing, especially since manatees are very important in Florida; at least I can say I’ve seen it)
  15. Insulted someone by ordering catfish in a BBQ joint
  16. Walked in a parade (it was actually my own little parade in the middle of a big parade)
  17. Read a liberal newspaper (I don’t get The Wall Street Journal while on vacation so I have to go slummin’)
  18. Killed a snake (for a minute it was just like I was a kid again)

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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One Response to Some Things I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. Terry Lange says:

    Mike,You will have to elaborate these further with me. Some of them are pretty funny. I got both of your text msgs, but have been swamped with work here and have been unable to reply…

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