Yesterday’s (Aug 12) Services

Yesterday’s was a strange service. Our regular pianist had planned not to be there and our backup pianist also was not there (something we didn’t know until that morning) so we had a service with only organist accompaniment (it felt a little Presbyterian, ha ha!). But what matters is that God’s people sing with praise from their hearts (Eph. 5:19) to the Lord and that we did! I hope that the visitors (one a first-time visitor) will see past the mix-ups and difficulties (which happen in every church) and return so that we can minister to them.

I preached from the story of the blind man in Luke 18:35-43 about how we must be careful to identify Jesus the way the Bible identifies him, e.g., Messiah, Savior, Son of David, rather than the way the world identifies him, e.g., a good teacher, a wise man, and respond in faith to the Jesus of the Bible rather than to the Jesus of our own making.

After the service, a little girl, who has been attending our church with her family off-and-on for almost a year, came to me in the lobby and said that she believed in Jesus and he washed her sins away (yes, that is almost exactly how she expressed it) and asked me if I would baptize her. This girl came to us through our Released-Time Bible Class (an outreach we do each month during the school year with children from the elementary school next door). Our Children’s Ministries director spoke to her during Sunday School and I hope to present her to the church next week and baptize her the following week.

Our attendance was low because many were sick and others out of town, but that isn’t what makes a worship service good or bad. The Spirit was there and the Word was preached, the Gospel was given, and God’s people enjoyed fellowship and edified one another.


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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