Home Schooling Declared Illegal because the State Thinks They Own your Children

Yesterday in California (which must be like living on another planet, people, really), a judge decided that under California law, parents are not allowed to homeschool their children. You may find the story here: Time.com, “Criminalizing Home Schoolers.”

Last night on Fox Business Network (my new favorite channel) Liz Claman, sitting in for Neil Cavuto, got onto a guest for “oversimplifying” the issue by saying that this ruling made homeschool parents criminals. Sorry Liz, you’re intelligent, you’re articulate but, God-love-ya, you’re just plain wrong on this. That guest’s assessment was not an oversimplification, it was the God’s-honest truth. Apparently her guest and I are not alone since the Time article linked above has that same conclusion in its title.

Forget the standard arguments against homeschooling, forget that some caricature homeschooling as children goofing off and never learning anything, forget the discussions about socialization and how children must learn things beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, forget all that for just a moment. Consider what this ruling is really saying: The state has the right to tell you what you must do with your children. The state reserves the right to judge whether you are doing right by your children by homeschooling them. Under this particular ruling, the state (or rather this judge citing a California law from 1953 or so) has said that they don’t trust you to raise your [their] kids right and so you must send them to school so that they can check up on you by checking on your kids every day.

Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like communism (or maybe more properly, fascism)? I think it does.

At least the good Governator, uh Governor, of California, Arnold (do I even have to try to spell his last name?), has had the guts to stand against it. Considering that he is a big proponent of education, his opinion should carry some weight.

Maybe someday in the future I’ll lay out some advantages of homeschooling and explain why, if I am in the future unable to afford Christian school, it will be homeschooling rather than government school for me and mine.


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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One Response to Home Schooling Declared Illegal because the State Thinks They Own your Children

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    Homeschooling is plain old hard work, but it is God honoring work. You are right on that the real issue here is whether or not parents have the final say in what, where and how their children are educated. Who knows what is best for children, the state or their parents?

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