Article Link – How Being Purpose-Driven Can Destroy a Church

The article linked here is from The Wall Street Journal from 2006 (I was pleased when I came across it online because I inadvertantly threw my copy away and never thought to download it from

This article shows how the Purpose-Driven movement can destroy a church. It doesn’t do the best job in laying out what’s wrong with the whole thing; this article makes it seem as if two equally valid points-of-view are struggling in the church when in reality, it is a struggle between those who abandn the Scriptural form of worship and ministry to worship and serve at the altar of numbers and big budgets (sort of like whats happening in the LCMS right now).

The craziest thing about this article is at the end: the guy who caused all this trouble trying to make this church “Purpose-Driven” (though he says it was all just a coincidence) ended up leaving the church! Nothing like breaking something and then bolting!


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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