Christians and Political Involvement

Over on the Pyromaniacs blog, Phil Johnson blogged about How Evangelicals Traded Their Spiritual Authority for a Mess of Political Pottage and at the Evangelical Outpost, Joe Carter interacts with Phil Johnson and adds some thoughts of his own about The Myth of Evangelical Political Engagement in a post fittingly entitled “A Herd of Unicorns.”

I suggest reading Johnson first and then Carter because, in my humble opinion, Carter hits the nail on the head and corrects some misguided thoughts in Johnson’s post.

I said a few posts ago that I don’t care for the term “Evangelical” because it had lost meaning. This is why. The term now refers more to a political constituency rather than to one’s view of salvation. But even as a political tag it isn’t very fitting because, as Joe Carter points out in the article referenced above, most Christians have little or no involvement in anything political and, I would add, many don’t vote Christian even when they do get involved.

I especially want to highlight Joe Carter’s final two paragraphs, reproduced here:

I want to be clear that I’m as opposed as Phil is to the politicization of the pulpit. While I think he goes a bit far in his assessment, he has a valid concern. I would expand the range and say that it is easy for Christians to become distracted by politics as they are by sports, money, business, and other pursuits. We must always be careful not to put anything ahead of the Gospel.

But I also must add that I think you cannot preach the Gospel without also giving a full-throated condemnation to abject injustice. While there are many areas of politics that the church would do well downplay or to avoid completely, the destruction of innocent human life is not one of them.


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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One Response to Christians and Political Involvement

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    Paul Edwards (AM 1570) had Frank Turk from Pyromaniacs and Joe Carter from the evangelical outpost on his radio show today, I just caught the last 30 seconds but the replay will be available tomorrow. Apparently he is going to have Phil Johnson on regarding this post once Phil gets back from Europe.

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