Some Interesting Links from Politics to Preaching

I know, faithful readers, that I haven’t been updating as much this last week as I have been. Sometimes life and ministry gets in the way. But here are a few things I’ve come across that I thought you might find interesting.

Enough of the Democrats Already
Dick Morris, says that Hillary isn’t running to be president in 2008 anymore, no sir, she’s running to be president in 2012.

Please, just stop talking!
I thought we were through hearing from Rosie O’Donnell, but apparently she was running her yap this week on the Today show and she said that Jeremiah Wright’s comments made sense to her. Since I’m a preacher, let me say that this demonstrates that Jeremiah Wright’s preaching is not Christian preaching. As Jay Adams once wrote, “If you preach a sermon that would be acceptable in a Kiwanis meeting or a Jewish synagogue [I might add, on Oprah], then it’s not a Christian sermon.” Speaking of that…

Don’t Waste Your Pulpit
Check out this video of John Piper talking about this very thing: Don’t Waste Your Pulpit. Hat tip to Irish Calvinist for pointing me to it. And…

Grand Theft Auto IV
I’ve been hearing about this on G4TV’s Attack of the Show but haven’t really been paying attention because I didn’t realize that it was any different than any GTA that came before. But when the shows creators come out and say that if you let your teen play this you are a bad parent, my ears perk up. Al Mohler has commented on this with some good quotes from secular writers and authorities who are unnerved by it. Here it is: Grand Theft Decency.


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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