Link: How to be "Truly Reformed" Without Being Nasty About It

Over on Ray Ortlund’s blog, Christ is Deeper Still, he discusses what it means to be Truly Reformed.

Many have used this expression of late (I mean the expression “truly Reformed,” some even abbreviate it to “TR”) to exclude those who are more similar than dissimilar to themselves, especially with regard to infant baptism (e.g., the Riddlebargers and R. Scott Clarks of the blogosphere) and say that others aren’t “truly Reformed” because we don’t sprinkle our babies or organize our churches and denominations into sessions or reference the Westminster Confession or the Three Forms of Unity every week. This article brings some much-needed “sober discourse” to the debate (I’m sorry, I had to say it; couldn’t pass up the opportunity).

Here’s a quote:

This is the acid test of a truly Reformed ministry – that other believers need not be Reformed in order to be respected and included in our hearts.

I would add that some of our Baptist brethren who call themselves “Reformed” need to learn this as well. Just because we sing a song you don’t like or we kneel together for prayer sometimes rather than sitting in the pews does not mean we are not “Reformed.” Using flannelgraph in the Sunday School does not make a church either Dispensationalist or Pentecostal. And when asked why you don’t like something, don’t say to me, “Because it’s not Reformed.” That’s not an answer, that’s simply your opinion (and it’s often uninformed).


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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2 Responses to Link: How to be "Truly Reformed" Without Being Nasty About It

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    I fear too many brothers love the label “reformed” because it let’s them look down on other brothers.

  2. Sadly, you are right. And it’s no less sinful. That’s why when people ask me if I’m Calvinist (or any similar term) I try usually to reply, with a smile, “Yes, but I try not to be nasty about it!” (Hence the title of this post.

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