Links: How Can a Woman Be Vice-President but not Pastor?

Denny Burke and Al Mohler have answered two Newsweek/Washington Post columns accusing Southern Baptist leaders of hypocrisy for supporting Sarah Palin for Vice-President when they would not allow her to serve in ordained ministry.

Denny Burke sums it up nicely: “One can’t help but wonder whether Waters is aware that the New Testament addresses rather narrowly the church and the home.

Read Denny Burke’s response here and here and read Al Mohler’s Response here.

The original columns by Sally Quinn can be found here and here.


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Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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4 Responses to Links: How Can a Woman Be Vice-President but not Pastor?

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    Last time I checked, “Vice-President” was not an ecclesiatical calling. No reason Biblically that a woman can’t be VP.See, we let them learn to read and now they want to run the country.

  2. True, Arthur. And being a “keeper of the home” doesn’t mean they have to stay at home. It is interesting that God has, at crucial times in redemptive history,raised up women to accomplish his work in the secular arena (e.g., Deborah and Esther).

  3. Josh Gelatt says:

    The Brits let a woman be Queen, and now all they do is drink tea all the time.But then again, Queen Elizabeth isn’t a member of the NRA who eats Moose Stew and skins animals herself for the fur.

  4. Josh:Thanks for the comment. If she gets elected, it means we’ll all have to clean our own kills. No exceptions. To do less would make us all look bad.I don’t know how it’ll go over, though, if she decorates the Vice-President’s residence in camouflage.

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