Preaching Must Be Your Life, Not Your Profession

Read this qoute from Scot McKnight’s blog, given in the context of discussing sermon plagiarism:

What is a sermon? Well, it’s a whole life brought to bear on a text each week for a single 30 minute or so sermon before a specific congregation. It shames the preacher not to be who he or she is in the pulpit, and to pretend to be someone else. It de-localizes the sermon from the local context. It distorts who the preacher is before the congregation.

Someone asked their preacher how long it took him to prepare that morning’s message. The pastor’s respopnse: 36 years.

This is why Philips Brooks’ famous quote is so true: “Preaching is truth poured through personality.”

This is also why some guys don’t last long in ministry or last long but only because they short-time several pastorates: How effective you are in the pulpit is directly tied to who you are out of the pulpit. That’s why the discipline of holiness and the patient and gentle care of the people God has placed under your care is so important.


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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3 Responses to Preaching Must Be Your Life, Not Your Profession

  1. asgabbert says:

    Unfortunately, the selling of sermons has become quite a money making business. A pastor preaching a sermon that has come from the internet and not the Holy Spirit is only a pastor by profession.

  2. True. Sad, but true. What’s funny is that I understand some of those sites have disclaimers that the sermons are for “ideas” when they have to know what their subscribers are using them for.It’s good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

  3. This is a great post, a real live description of what is missing in most pulpits. Shoot, forget a pulpit, missing in the lives of many elders who claim to be shepherds and leaders that tend the Lord’s flock. Sadly, much of whats said is proclaimed by lots of men, only to be held to the light of their own hypocrisy. I long for a day when the light of Christs Church outshines the blight of its frail and imperfect earthly representation. It kind of makes you sympathize with the Lord when He had to tackle the Sadducees and Pharisees day in and day out for elevating the means of men over the way of the Lord God.Amen Mista Mike…amen..

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