Al Mohler’s New Book: He is Not Silent

Al Mohler’s new book He is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World came out yesterday and Tim Challies has a review.

I have my copy here on my desk and if the rest of the book is as good as the preface, it will be good indeed.

Imagine my surprise as I flipped through the book and found my name on p. 123. (Well, not my name, exactly, but a name I share in common with someone else.)


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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2 Responses to Al Mohler’s New Book: He is Not Silent

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    Well Michael Jones is a very uncommon name.

  2. At least this time it wasn’t a process server (or a restraining order).ME: I think you have me confused with another Michael Jones.PROCESS SERVER: I don’t think so, it says “Michael Jones” right here. (Thinking: “What kind of a fool does he take me for?”)ME: But I don’t even know any of these other people named on this lawsuit.PROCESS SERVER: Just sign here. (Thinking: “I’m not gonna let this guy try to pull something on me.”)Such is my life. Never a dull moment.

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