The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

Since last fall’s study through John Owen’s The Mortification of Sin was so beneficial to everyone, we are going through another Puritan classic this fall on Wednesday evenings. This fall we will work through Walter Marshall’s The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification.

Here is a quote from Direction 1 which we will look at this week:

The law, which is your mark, is exceeding broad (Ps. 119:96) and yet not the more easy to be hit, because you must aim to hit it, in every duty of it, with a performance of equal breadth, or else you cannot hit it at all (James 2:10).

The Lord is not at all loved with that love that is due to Him as Lord of all, if He is not loved with all our heart, spirit and might. We are to love everything in Him, His justice, holiness, sovereign authority, all-seeing eye, and all His decrees, commands, judgements, and all His doings. We are to love Him, not only better than other things, but singly, as only good, the fountain of all goodness; and to reject all fleshly and worldly enjoyments, even our own lives, as if we hated them, when they stand in competition with our enjoyment of Him, or our duty towards Him. We must love Him as to yield ourselves wholly up to His constant service in all things, and to His disposal of us as our absolute Lord, whether it is for prosperity or adversity, life or death.

And, for His sake, we are to love our neighbour – even all men, whether they are friends or foes to us; and so do to them in all things, that concern their honour, life, chastity, worldly wealth, credit and content, whatever we would that men should do to us in the like condition (Matt. 7:12).

The first outline is available on the Pastor’s Page of Zion’s website here.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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2 Responses to The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification

  1. Phil Gons says:

    You should add RefTagger to your blog. It makes all your Bible references come alive. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up. Find out how in this post: Adding RefTagger to a Blogger Blog.

  2. Hey, Phil! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been wondering if there is anything like that out there but didn’t really know where to look. I appreciate the tip.

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