Cross-Centered News Consumption

Tony Rienke gives a Cross-Centered view of news intake with guidance from Puritan Henry Hurst. I used to be news junkie but have tried to be less-informed this year. It seems that if the news isn’t irritating or depressing, it’s both.

Hurst divides news into three types:

(1) Trifling reports (think celebrity news and gossip items)

(2) Personal and private matters (think stuff that’s really none of our business)

(3) Public news concerning the state or the Church (what we should be paying attention to).

Sadly, we are usually more concerned about 1 & 2 and, consequently, the media feeds our fascination with 1 & 2.

Hurst goes on to say that we should be concerned about news of the church so that we can better pray for the spread of the Gospel and our fellow believers. He offers several suggestions for finding out news about the global spread of the Gospel:

(1) Find level-headed sources.

(2) Respond to this news from the heart (think about the news you hear and weigh its eternal significance).

(3) Inquire with compassion (we should grieve over the sorrows and troubles of the church and “give God no rest till he make her a quiet habitation”).

(4) Inquire humbly (we should mourn over sins in the church rather than becoming self-righteous).

(5) Pray, anticipating the full deliverance of the church (pray not only for relief for those believers who are persecuted or in sin, but also pray “How long, O Lord” seeking his swift return).

Read the whole article here: Cross-Centered News Consumption.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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