Ten Reasons to Avoid Reformed Churches

This post I am linking to is not tongue-in-cheek: Ten Reasons to Avoid Reformed Churches.

I have seen poeple coming through the church I pastor seeking something “Reformed.” Many times they are critical of anything that is not, in their opinion, “Reformed,” though they often can’t explain why a given thing is or is not “Reformed” (I put the word “Reformed” in quotations to indicate that their assessment is usually based on little more than their own opinion or preference).

Some of these people simply are looking for a Prebyterian church that immerses and doesn’t baptize infants (there aren’t a whole lot of those around). If so, they’ll probably fit right in over there.

Still others think that’s what they want because it is so radically different from what they’re used to. They like how different the worship is from a Baptist or Bible church because it seems so unique. They or may not like it after a year, or even a few months. Some will; some won’t.

Some others simply can’t separate the “Baptist” part from the “dispensational” part or the “seeker-sensitive” part or the “fundamentalist” part and so they confuse Baptist theology with the seeker-sensitive movement or fundamentalism or dispensational theology.

Also, there is something to the argument that says the you should stay where you are and try to be salt and light among a church that is slipping. That is, provided (1) the church hasn’t slipped too much (like, into apostasy) and (2) you can stay and be gracious rather than sanctimonious (often a severe problem among new “converts” to Reformed theology, at least in my experience).


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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