Article: Are you Sure You Like Spurgeon?

I remember first hearing of Charles Spurgeon as an older teen, shortly after I announced my intention to pursue the gospel ministry. I was invited to speak at another youth group and was given Spurgeon’s Lectures to My Students as a gift by the youth pastor. When my own (semi-Pelagian) youth pastor saw me reading him, he encouraged it but with a warning: “You’ve gotta watch out because he believed some strange things.” Funny how he didn’t say anything about the cigar-smoking or occasional glass of wine, but was most worried about Spurgeon’s Calvinism.

Anyway, Banner of Truth has an online reprint of article from 1992 by Alan Maben entitled “Are you Sure You Like Spurgeon?” (and my answer is, unequivocally, “Yes.”).

When you get through with that, head over to and read about the Down-Grade Controversy. After you read about it, reflect on how similar that controversy is to circumstances in our own day.

(Just noticed when I was getting the link for that they have a link to Maben’s article on their main index page.)

Bonus: Check out Spurgeon’s Catechism, his version of the Westminster Shorter Catechism but with Baptist doctrine. I’ve thought about going through it with my own kids when we finish what we’re doing now.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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3 Responses to Article: Are you Sure You Like Spurgeon?

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  2. Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog. Feel Free to comment anytime.

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