Careless Criticism

Our culture is drowning in careless criticism. I think it explains the popularity of talk radio and discussion boards on the internet. I am not saying it is wrong, just that we should recognize the potential it creates for criticism. Anyone with a phone or a keyboard can do better than the pathetic quarterback, coach, politician, or leader. At least they can talk a better game.

Talk is pretty worthless if it isn’t correct, and testing its correctness is what seems to be missing. We are rapidly descending into a culture where everyone is free to say whatever they want, but no one is allowed to challenge or refute whatever is said. It doesn’t matter if they are right; what matters is that they feel that way. That kind of mush-headedness might be acceptable for the afternoon talk show circuit, but it can’t be accepted by God’s people. What matters most is always what God thinks, and we know what God thinks because He has spoken to us.

(emphasis added)

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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