Do not Rejoice Over the Destruction of Your Enemies

I learned a valuable lesson about Prov. 24:17-18 when a young man that has remained.

Along these same lines. John Hobbins, over at Ancient Hebrew Poetry, has some thoughts “On rejoicing over the downfall of your enemies” in relation to the current conflict in Gaza:

…should the invasion of Gaza result in the end of Hamas as Israel has known it, that fact will also cause the tears of God to roll for the death of the wicked and innocent alike. מצרים “Egypt” is still עמי “my people, אשור “Assyria” מעשה ידי “the work of my hands,” and a מסלה highway” from Egypt to Assyria will someday pass through Israel, with Israel שלישיה “a third equal partner” to both (Isa 19:23-25).


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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