Neale Donald Walsch Channels Plagiarism

Neale Donald Walsch is a writer whose focus is spirituality. He wrote a worthless piece of drivel a few years back called Conversations with God (I will not give it a link here; don’t waste your money) in which he claims that God told him to forgive himself and that God condones all sorts of things that the Bible (you know, that book where God had conversations with the prophets and apostles) condemns. God does not hate sin or sinners, Walsch claims (because God told him), there is no judgment, God loves you just the way you are. Even Hitler could be received in heaven. Walsch claims to write all this through direct channeling.

Now it turns out, Mr. Walsch has plagiarized an article posted on his blog (again, no link; don’t waste your time). He changed the first paragraph (to reflect that he “vividly remembered” the incident) but after that the whole article is apparently a verbatim copy of a piece that was published ten years ago and has not only been reprinted in Chicken Soup for the Christian Family Soul (again no link) but has been available online for the last ten years.

I wonder why bothered to apologize. If he is channeling God, couldn’t God have channeled a rerun just for him? Or better yet, why didn’t God converse with him to tell him that what he was doing was wrong (or at least, “vividly remembering” something that actually happened to someone else). Anyway, here’s the story in the NYT:

Christmas Essay was not His, Author Admits

Here’s a thoughtful little piece from Stand to Reason that addresses the underlying philopshy of books like this: Kiss of God and Conversations with God: Best-selling Deceptive Ideas

By the way,, an urban legend website, has a page dedicated to an email that has circulated about the book and they claim (as of today) that their research is in progress. I’m not confident that they’ll give the Bible truth about it. You can read the email here: Conversations with God. You can’t copy the email from their window because they don’t allow you to do that. (Their work is so important, you know. The NYT can publish military anti-terrorism plans but God forbid that the information from snopes be cut-and-pasted.)


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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8 Responses to Neale Donald Walsch Channels Plagiarism

  1. Tracy says:

    Your words “worthless drivel” show that you are not who you think you are.Start searching for truth instead of confirmation of what you already don’t know.Don’t be so afraid.

  2. Tracy:I’m not sure whom you think I think I am. I don’t know who you are either, but it is clear you do not value the truth as revealed in God’s Word.Your second sentence makes no sense according to any rules of logic or language that I know. The truth is found only in Jesus Christ who is “The Way, the Truth, and the Life” and who is revealed in the pages of Holy Scripture, not in the imagination of sinful human beings.I fear God and him alone. And by “God” I mean the God of the Bible, not the god(s) of human imagination such as found in these books filled with the vain imaginings of sinful men trying to excuse their own sin and who contradict God in the process.That is why I call them “worthless drivel.”

  3. Shaun Abbey says:

    His “Conversations” was a best seller. What contribution have you made to man’s spirituality, other than your supercilious prattling from cover?

    • Well if it was a best seller, then it must have been spectacular. /sarcasm off There are plenty of books, movies, CDs, etc. that were best sellers but that were also worthless twaddle.

      And Shaun, my “supercilious prattling” is not “from cover” since my name and any pertinent information is readily available both here on my blog and on the website of the church I pastor (not to mention that I approved your worthless comment).

      In fourteen years of writing, preaching, and other ministry, I’m sure I’ve contributed quite a bit, but nothing that I am required to report to you (nor do I desire to). There are plenty of other blogs that cater to your sappy and superficial feel-good self-centeredness, feel free to troll one of them.

  4. Melinda says:

    What does it say in the Bible about Humans judging other Humans as you are doing here? Is there not at LEAST one verse somewhere in there that expressly states that God is the only one with any right to judge any of us? Me personally, I would not say such things about anyone, even if I completely disagreed with all of their actions. God knows better than I do about any person’s individual role in this world, and God will know what to do with each of us too. And here I was just trying to find out which church Neale was affiliated with before writing those books he’s so famous for.

    • No there is not one verse that says that only God has the right to judge. In fact, the Scripture says, “The person in the Spirit judges all things.” I simply pointed out the FACT of NDW’s plagiarism and made an assessment of his theology based on the teachings of the Bible. But it doesn’t appear you care much about what the Bible says as long as it agrees with you.

  5. laura says:

    Hi michael the eamil link is no longer there. What was the email about and the rumours? I would really like to know. Neale is clearly a plaigarist and a liar. If you have the email or any other info to prove he is or more info about this liar please do let me know and please get hold of the email for me. The one about the book. What did it say? Thank you so much. Regards and well done for not falling for bs. Regrds Laura. Ps I don’t know if my comment posted its still shown here so here it is again thanks.

    • Snopes has changed their website design and I am no longer unable to quickly find that link. You might be able to search their site and find it but I simply didn’t have the time to do it.

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