The Pilgrim’s Progress was Published on This Day in 1678

The Pilgrim’s Progress was first published on this day in 1678. It is one of the best books (Christian or otherwise) in history. At one point in history, if a family owned only one book, it was the Bible. If they owned two books, they were the Bible and The Pilgrim’s Progress.

Check out this article on it over at the Scriptorium.

Order the Penguin Classics edition here at Amazon (I think this is the best print edition and at $8.80 it’s reasonably priced).

Read The Pilgrim’s Progress online here at Wikisource.

Download the audio here at LibriVox (I listened to this a couple years ago and it is great! The female narrator has a good voice with a slight accent and the verse references are given in the reading. Plus, it’s free.)

This is one book every Christian must read.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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