Forget sliced bread, it’s Google Chrome!

I won’t relate my tortured history with web browsers.  From AOL through several version of IE to Mozilla Firefox, I finally stumbled upon Google Chrome last week after having heard about the beta testimng a few months ago.  

Google Chrome is, without a doubt, the best web browser I have used.  It is a little different in operation than any browser before because of its unique use of tabs, but it is better by far.  Each tab runs independently so that if one tab crashes, the whole thing doesn’t shut down.  Once you figure out how to deal with the tabs being at the top of the page and only one bar at the top, the rest of it is easy.

Here is the review over at the 2.0 life: Sunday Tips: Google Chrome

Here is the Google Chrome site: Google Chrome features

Here is where you can download it and try it yourself: Google Chrome


About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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