The Dead Sea Scrolls – Raphael Golb Controversy

Okay, here’s the long and short of the Dead Sea Scrolls controversy regarding Dr. Norman Golb’s son, Raphael Golb and his harrasment case:
Dr. Norman Golb has a unique view of the source behind the Scrolls which has found little acceptance in the academic community.
Dr. Golb’s son, Raphael Golb, carried on a campaign in which he assumed several aliases, using them to comment on blogs, edit Wikipedia, and post on blogs of his own (under the various pseudonyms), to attack, harrass, and discredit other scholars presumably to thereby elevate his father’s scholarly views.
He was arrested last week in New York and charged with various crimes including identity theft, criminal impersonation, and aggravated harassment, largely because he attempted to pass himself off as Dr. Lawrence Schiffman, another scholar, even sending e-mails under Dr. Schiffman’s name to his (Schiffman’s) grad students.
And you thought biblical studies were boring!
Anyway, here are some resources about this controversy which is both sad and fascinating.
Brief Articles
Here is the article in the Chicago Sun-Times (Dr. Golb is at the university of Chicago)
Here is the statement from the NYC DA’s office about this case (Raphael Golb lives in NYC)
Here is the article in Newsday about it
Here’s the article from the ABA (American Bar Association) about this case  (Raphael Golb is a lawyer; which means you’d think he’d know better)
Here is a blog post from Dr. Claude Mariottini, OT prof from Northern Baptist Seminary, about the issue.  The accused made frequent comments on Dr. Marriottini’s blog
More detail
The most comprehensive source is Bob Cargill’s wiki entitled, “Who is Charles Gadda?” (Charles Gadda was one of the aliases used).
Here is an interview with Dr. Risa Levitt Kohn, a DSS scholar in charge of the exhibit in Toronto, about this controversy
This post at a site called “Jewlicious” has several updates and pictures of father and son
Here is Wikipedia’s page detailing the changes made to various articles throughout this controversy and how they tracked it all to one person.  This informtaion is repeated on Bob Cargill’s site above.

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