Miss California, Gay Marriage, and Double Standards

By now everyone who keeps up with the news even a little bit has heard about the Miss USA 2009 situation.  If not, here’s the summary:

Miss California, a front-runner to win the contest, was asked by openly gay celebrity blogger Perez Hilton about gay marriage and she said marriage should be between a man and a woman.  Hilton then began berating her in the media, calling her horrible names.  His treatment of her would cause outrage if he were straight (or conservative).  Besides, didn’t he ask her opinion?

(And why is he judging Miss America anyway?  He’s not female and he doesn’t like women.  Shouldn’t he at least meet one of those two criteria?  What credentials does he have beyond being a pseudo-celebrity himself?  And since when is being a “celebrity blogger” a real job?  Anyway.) 

The Miss USA pageant knew that question was in the mix ahead of time and there was a 1 in 6 chance it would be asked (though they had no way of knowing she would get the question). Why did they let such a hot-button political issue worm its way into a beauty pageant? (Excuse me, “scholarship competition” or whatever nonsense they want to call it now.  Although, if you have to show up in a swimsuit to win it, I think the charade is over, we all know what it is no matter what you call it.  When they start submitting essays or research papers, then I’ll concede the point.) 

Apparently the Hollywood elite have also gotten into the game.  There is no surprise in that since many in Hollywood think they are better than the rest of the country (those of us in “flyover” territory) and so we should all just keep our mouths shut and do what they tell us: give to Darfur, leave Iraq, befriend Castro, and recognize gay marriage.  All those, and more, and then we should say thank you to the George Clooneys and Brad Pitts for rescuing us from our ignorance.  After all, we aren’t movie stars. 

As I understand it, Miss Prejean of California attends San Diego Christian University.  She has said that she thought the question was a test of her faith and she answered as she thought she should.  She also has not backed down.  Good on her.

I find it amusing that people who seek “tolerance” for themselves are unwilling to show the same tolerance of others.  That’s the difference between is and them: they only want tolerance when one agrees with their opinion.  When we don’t we should just shut up and do what they tell us.

Women should be upset at the hateful behavior Perez Hilton has demonstrated toward Miss Prejean.  Many feminists are not upset because of what she said.  Be careful.  One day the real hatemongers might be coming after you.

There is double standard in all this: It’s hateful to use hurtful remarks toward gays and lesbians, but it’s not hateful when gays and lesbains use hateful language against those who disagree with them.

Hollywood tells us all what to think, via interviews, movies, television, etc.  But when we tell them what we think, we’re hateful, we should shut up, we are prejudiced.  In other words, their opinions are more important than ours because they are them and we are us.  They have the right to lecture us, but we have no right even to our opinion.

Also, as some commentators have pointed out (see below), they were not outraged when Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and, yes, The Anointed One [insert angels singing here] Barak Obama said that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  Why didn’t Perez Hilton call Hillary those names?  Yep.  The double standard.

Anyway, you can gather what my opinion is.  I share it because this is my blog.  Don’t like it?  There are plenty of other blogs out there, go read one of them.  I’m not interested in your comments, either.  Go get your own blog and you can write what you want on it.

Aaaaaanywho.  Check out these two opinion pieces about the incident.  Andrea Tantaros’ is the best.

Andrea Tantaros

Roland Martin


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Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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