Apparently There is No Atheist Alive Who is Qualified to Debate William Lane Craig

Luke Muehlhauser who runs the blog Common Sense Atheism has an interesting post about one of my favorite Christian philosophers and apologists, William Lane Craig. (Muelhauser is the one who said that “Craig spanked [Christopher] Hitchens like a foolish child” in their April debate.  (You can also read about it in Dr. Craig’s newsletter here.)

Since then, Muelhauser has taken one Eliezer Yudkowsky to task for thinking that he not only can debate Dr. Craig, but that he can do it without even preparing.  Mr. Yudkowsky is either very brave or very foolish.

This, the day after Muelhauser wrote a wonderful post naming a dozen of the top atheists in the country (world?) and explaining that none of them is qualified to debate William Lane Craig

Of course, Muelhauser thinks Dr. Craig wins these debates not because what he says is true, but only because he is a masterful and skilled debater.  If that helps him sleep at night, fine.


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Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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3 Responses to Apparently There is No Atheist Alive Who is Qualified to Debate William Lane Craig

  1. EY says:

    Craig turned down the debate with me. It is possible that he is just being careful in his choice of potential debating partners.

  2. It is also possible that Dr. Craig doesn’t want to invest time in a debate with someone who treats it so flippantly that he chooses not even to prepare.

  3. EY says:

    Could be. If so I’ll continue to go around stomping on lesser theists until bigger names choose to take notice of me – in much the same way that I took notice of Craig only after he’d rung up an atheist scalp to his belt. But if Craig chooses to avoid debate even after that…Debating a weak opponent proves nothing. Incidentally, after Craig turned down Bloggingheads, I wrote to him directly to ask if he could recommend someone else, perhaps a student of his (even if not famous), that he would consider a strong debater. No reply as yet.

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