Bach – The Goldberg Variations 1-7 played by Glenn Gould

For your Sunday afternoon listening pleasure:

Glenn Gould plays Bach’s Golderbg Variations.  My CD of this is one I can’t live without.  My favorite two are back-to-back beginning at 06:25 and ending at 7:50.
Here is the video of the whole thing (47:16).
If you prefer to watch it in google video here is the link.
Turn off the TV and listen to a master pianist playing a master composer.
I know I’m rambling here, but you should know that J. S. Bach was a devout man who signed all of his works S. D. G. (Sola Deo Gloria, “for the Glory of God only”) and wrote all of his music, both secular and sacred pieces, for the express purpose of giving glory to God.
One day we’ll talk about the Brandenberg Concertos.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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