The Grand Duty of the Christian Teacher is to Speak the Word of God

We who are teachers are in danger of indulging too much in speculations of our own about the things which are the subjects of the word of God; and those who are hearers are in danger of being so pleased with the exercise which this species of teaching gives to the imaginative and reasoning powers, as to consider it the best species of teaching.
But in truth, it is only in the degree to which we “speak the word of God” — in which we clearly exhibit its meaning and evidence, in which we bring man’s mind into contact with God’s mind — that we discharge our duty to our Master, or promote the real spiritual improvement of our hearers.
To have made a single doctrinal statement of Scripture better understood and more firmly believed — to have made a man in his conscience feel more strongly the obligation of a single religious moral duty — is in reality doing more solid good than sending away an audience delighted and astonished with the ingenuity of of the preacher’s speculations, the force of his reasoning, the splendour of his imagery, and the resistless force of his eloquence.
To “speak the word of God” is the grand duty of the Christian teacher.
-John Brown of Haddington
Comments on Hebrews 13:7

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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