Crisis at Calvin College over Homosexuality

Another preacher mentioned to me recently that the day will come when many (professing) Christians will consider homosexuality to be permissible. I responded that such a day is already here in some circles.
Where I didn’t think it would be an issue is in Reformed circles. Christianity Today has written about the issue at Calvin College here.
Of course, others here and here have said that it is not so much an issue of approving or condemning homosexuality as it is academic freedom. The fear of a slippery slope is apparently what has stirred up the faculty at Calvin College (one faculty leader asked if this was “the thin edge of the wedge”).
The verdict is out with me as far as whether this is an academic freedom issue or not. Calvin is a liberal arts college but is also supposed to be a confessional school and is tied to a denomination.
My point still stands, however, in that this issue has now touched the innermost circles of evangelical Christianity in an unavoidable way.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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