The Perry Noble James Duncan Fiasco

James Duncan criticized Perry Noble and New Spring Church on his blog and in return, he was sent pornography, serial killers and sex perverts were invited to his home, his name and his family’s name and address were posted on the internet, crude vulgarities were posted about his wife and son, and their adoption was thwarted at the last minute (literally, at. the. last. minute.) by people from New Spring Church. Makes you wanna go there and learn to love Jesus like they do, doesn’t it? Anyway, as many people as possible should know about stuff like this.
James Duncan’s account of what went down: Holy Rage at the ‘Spring
This is long and you will be shocked, but you’ll also be saddened that people who talk about “lovin’ Jesus” could do this.
Here is a two-part radio interview about this over at Fighting for the Faith radio: Perry Noble’s Employees Assassinate the Character of a Critic
Here is New Spring’s statement and Dr. Duncan’s corrections: New Spring’s Curious Silence.
Finally, here is Dr. Duncan’s most recent post on this whole issue in which he tries to answer those who say that he got what he deserved: Shut up, they explained
UPDATE (12/16/09): James Duncan is calling it quits Here’s the declaration

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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