Why not share Christ everywhere?

When the woman handed me my coffee I said, “If you come to church on Sunday, I promise to preach on all your sins!” She laughed and told me there wasn’t enough time on a Sunday morning for that. “Well, then, I’ll just tell you how to deal with all those sins at once, that won’t take long at all.”
She couldn’t talk anymore because there other people to wait on. I got some funny looks as I strode to the door and I smiled at every one of them. It’s a small price to pay. Our brothers and sisters around the world are laying their lives on the line to share Christ (and some are losing their life) so I can deal with a few glares and harsh stares and eye-rolling. Big deal. Christ has done so much more for me.
This woman may avoid me the next time I go in there, but she won’t really be avoiding me, she’ll be avoiding the Christ in me. But I’ll smile and greet her as if nothing happened, and keep trying to show her the love of God through Christ. After all, it’s not up to me whether she trusts Christ or not, it’s up to him.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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9 Responses to Why not share Christ everywhere?

  1. Elizabeth B. says:

    This is something I really have to work on; I'm not nearly as bold as I should be. I think being in grad school the last couple of years trained me to just keep my mouth shut about my beliefs (which is awful). Your line about the woman not really avoiding you, but avoiding Christ in you is something I'd not thought about before. Great post!

  2. You could hand out tracts and hope they are elect and pre-chosen and not pre-damned.

  3. Bernard:I'm guessing this snide comment is intended to be a jab at the doctrines of grace and the sovereignty of God. All it did was reveal your ignorance and lack of graciousness.

  4. You are 'showing the love of God through Christ' and perhaps God doesn't love her and shed no blood for her and chose to raise her up for the sole purpose of eternally roasting her for his own good pleasure and glory in judgment. Deal with your doctrine. God hates MOST people and loves only the elect. God may very well hate that lady. Are you more loving and merciful than God?

  5. Bernard:It is clear from your comments that you don't understand the BIBLICAL doctrine of God's sovereign grace.I'll deal with my doctrine and you can deal with your ignorance and lack of a gracious attitude.Btw, I show the love of God to everyone because neither you nor I knows who is part of the elect. If you bothered to understand what you malign rather than simply caricaturing it, you'd know that.

  6. I've studied Calvinism for decades, but you call me ignorant, and deem yourself gracious and showing the love of Christ to everytone? I'm pointing out the inconsistency of your doctrine. How can Christ be loving others through you when Christ hates most people, shed no blood for them, and chose to damn them in eternity past? Read John 15:13 and I John 3:16. The love of Christ is displayed in Him laying down His life for those He loves. He doesn't love the NON-ELECT. If you show the 'love of Christ' to everyone, you are more loving than Christ who HATES MOST of His creation. Caricature? Are you suggesting that Christ loves everyone that He chose to pre-damn (most people)? He chose to burn them in hell and NOT SAVE THEM before the world ever was – and this is LOVE? You are almost as confounded as your doctrine – almost. And it's stranger than science fiction. Remember, you have to give account for EVERY SOUL you mislead.(Heb. 13; Matt. 18, Matt. 12:36, etc.)

  7. I've studied Calvinism for decades also. That makes neither of us experts nor is it the trump card that wins the argument. I suspect, based on your line of argument, that much of your reading has been in authors that seek to refute Calvinism which is a big difference. This is why I accuse you of arguing based on a straw man, a caricature of true sovereign grace.When I called you ignorant I did not intend it as an insult but as a bald fact, one who is ignorant does not know and it is clear that you do not understand Calvinism, only a caricature of it. I apologize for inadvertently insulting you, that was not my intention. I meant nothing more than the bare, basic meaning of the word.Also, I never said Christ was loving people through me (did you bother actually to read the post?). I only said I wanted to "show her the love of God through Christ." The only inconsistency would be if I knew for a fact that she was non-elect, something neither you nor I could know. (Apparently you didn't bother to read my previous comment, either.)Most of your misunderstanding (and your resulting accusations of inconsistency) could have been avoided if you (1) had simply payed attention to what I actually wrote instead of forcing my words to communicate something they don't and (2) if you had actually bothered to try to understand this doctrine instead of deciding you don't like it and not bothering.And I appreciate the reminder about my responsibility, this is why I have studied long and hard these last 26 years to make certain that I believe and teach what the Bible teaches, not what I want it to teach. You would do well to do the same.I will remind you that Matt. 12:36 applies to you as well. My post was gracious; with your every comment you have grown progressively more hateful and vitriolic. I never deemed myself MORE gracious; I only said you were not gracious. Those are two different things. This confusion is also the result of your failing to read my actual words but instead reading what you wanted my words to mean.

  8. You strum "straw dummy" and cry "caricature" (you've demonstrated neither)and wax proud that YOU understand Calvinism and others don't after decades of study. This elitist, esoteric, initiate level belief (one must suspend reason to REALLY understand Calvinism without answering basic assertions) is so common among those of the Reformed Faith. You have to BE A CALVINIST TO UNDERSTAND CALVINISM. Anybody who disagrees simply doesn't understand. "Not many wise after the flesh are called" Paul stated, and yet you never have seen a bigger bunch of high-minded "doctors" and "lawyers" and whatnot as in TULIP churches/circles. Jesus said, "Thou hast hidden these things from the WISE AND PRUDENT and hast revealed them unto babes." You flip-flop this into only the wise and prudent can understand Calvinism, and the rest are ignorant. Why, you even assert in another post that higher education will allow one liberty to indulge in science fiction & escape the logical fallacies of those that stand against it! (Side question: what science fiction movie would you recommend to your flock as pleasing to a holy God? I'm very curious as to your answer. Name one.). You assume too much. The majority of my books on the subject are written by TULIPs. I do have one book that utterly annihilates Calvinism: the Bible. So, point out the caricature and straw dummy. You might not have liked my choice of words because it goes against your conscience (pre-damned, etc.). Or you may have been too thin-skinned and felt I was being a meanie (“endure hardness as a good soldier”). Face your doctrine & quit riding the fence. I will repeat my 'bald fact' assertions. Calvinism's conclusion is that God hates most His creation and will display this Divine wrath and hatred upon them for all eternity. He shed no blood for them, and they are outside of the 'love of God' which is IN CHRIST JESUS (Rom.8). He has no desire for them to be saved, but wants rather to be glorified in judgment when He burns them forever and ever and ever and ever. This was pre-decided in eternity past. This is your theological God and quit disowning Him. Stop running from your doctrine and face it and preach and teach what you REALLY BELIEVE instead of preaching pretense and pretending to be more gracious and merciful than God Himself. God hates the majority of mankind and desires them to be damned. Do you believe otherwise? I'm all eyes. What do you think sharing the love of God with others is if not God loving them through you? Surely a Calvinist would understand the John 15 concept of "without me ye can do NOTHING." Were you showing this lady the love of God without Christ? Odds are, she is non-elect and God wants her to be so and never shed blood for her anyhow and she is a vessel of wrath fitted for destruction to the praise and honour of the justice and judgment of the Augustinian Calvinism god.

  9. Bernard:I've tried to be gracious but it's clear you simply want to engage in name-calling and invective. Your responses have grown increasingly angry.If you hate Calvinism so much, why don't you visit a blog scratches your itching ears? That won't happen here.This conversation is over until you decide you want to discuss rather than argue.Grace and Peace to you,Michael

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