A Warning Against Science Fiction Based on a Fallacy

David Cloud of the Fundamental Baptist Information Service gives a warning against reading science fiction because many prominent science fiction writers are/have been humanists, atheists, or evolutionists. Here is the link:

Think through this with me.

This article has one conclusion: Christians should not read science fiction. It has one premise: science fiction writers are atheists/evolutionists/humanists.

(The argument is
enthymematic so one premise is unspoken, namely, that Christians shouldn’t read anything that does not reflect a Christian worldview, a premise that would outlaw such things as the newspaper, a political magazine, or the Sunday funny pages. Since that argument is unspoken, I will not address it here.)

This article is wrong because it commits the
genetic fallacy. When I say that what I mean is that the article is itself an example of the genetic fallacy. If one Googles “genetic fallacy” there should be a link to this article.

There may or may not be good reasons for Christians not to read science fiction, but this article does not present them. Instead, this articled fails to present any argument at all except one based on reasoning so faulty that a high-schooler ought to be able to recognize it.

This is what happens when we steer our Christian children away from higher education and the life of the mind; we end up saying things that are ridiculous and then giving ridiculous reasons to support the ridiculous things we’ve said.

If we are ridiculed because of the Gospel, so be it. If we are ridiculed because of our stand for Christ, so be it. If we are ridiculed because we refuse to bend to the world, so be it.

If we are ridiculed because we are ridiculous, then the fault is our own.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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