John Stott – Thinking God’s Thoughts – Why We Should Use our Minds “Christianly” 5

The simple fact that God is a self-revealing God and that he has revealed himself to man indicate the importance of our minds. For all God’s revelation is rational revelation, both his general revelation in nature and his special revelation in Scripture and in Christ.

[Psalm 19:1-4 shows that] God speaks to man through the created universe and proclaims his divine glory, although it is a message without words. The message is quite clear, however, and men who stifle this truth are guilty before God (Romans 1:18-21). Both these passages refer to God’s self-revelation through the created order. (p. 18) [There is] an assumed ability to of man to read what God has written in the universe. […] This correspondence is rationality. Christians believe that the common rationality between man’s mind and observable phenomena is due to the Creator who has expressed his mind in both.

The same essential correspondence is even more direct between the Bible and the Bible reader. For in and through Scripture, God has spoken, that is, communicated in words. One may perhaps say that if in nature God’s revelation is visualized, in Scripture it is verbalized, and in Christ it is both, for he is “the Word made flesh.” Now communication in words presupposes a mind which can understand and interpret them. For words are meaningless symbols until they are deciphered by an intelligent being. (19)

The Christian doctrine of revelation, far from making the human mind unnecessary, actually makes it indispensable and assigns to it its proper place. God has revealed himself in words to minds. His revelation is a rational revelation to rational creatures. Our duty is to receive his message, to submit to it, to seek to understand it and to relate it to the world in which we live.

-John Stott, Your Mind Matters, 18-20.


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Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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2 Responses to John Stott – Thinking God’s Thoughts – Why We Should Use our Minds “Christianly” 5

  1. Ray says:

    Hi michael, I am going to be doing a funeral service for my brotherinlaw I am a minister. He was not a Christian. He was very sick and in the hospital with liver damage and a mass. He had cardiac arrest.. We prayed he came out of it. The next day his attitufde was changed. My sister asked him if he wanted to except Christ in his heart he said yes, but I never made in time to lead him to the lord. But I beliveve he made his peace with the lord… How should I conduct the service.. That God gave him that time to get his life in order.. I was going to use the scripture where the two thieves that were on the cross with Jesus,.. Remember me this day you will be with me in paradise…. The one choose at the end to except Christ….

    • Thanks for reading! I hope you find much to encourage you and help you in your ministry. I have sent an email to the address you used to make this comment answering your question. Many blessings on your ministry.

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