Five Interesting Links (and by that I mean that I found them interesting)

Five interesting links (and by that I mean that I found them interesting):

For Pastors especially: The Disastrous Consequences of Heavy-Handed Leadership by Eric Davis over at The Cripplegate

Bradley Wright has posted a map showing the distribution of mega-churches in the US with another map (for comparison) of the US population distribution. He leaves us to draw our own conclusions so I’ll do the same.

Carl Trueman, who is always as entertaining as he is insightful, encourages us to consider Ephesians 5:12 in our quest for cultural engagement.

Here’s an interview with Jim Hamilton on preaching through Revelation. When I was first starting out an older pastor (nearing the end of his ministry) told me he never had much respect for any man who tried to preach through Revelation.  Part of the way into my second decade in pastoral ministry, I can now say I feel the exact opposite. And I intend to do it before his decade is up, Lord willing.

Over at Team Pyro, Phil Johnson hits one out of the park in an assessment of Mark Driscoll’s latest book on marriage and the general trend of talking about things that shouldn’t be talked about in public: Evangelical Exhibitionists. (I was going to point out how nicely this complements Trueman’s piece linked to above but noticed  Johnson already links to it as well.)


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Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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