We Don’t Know Who Are the Elect and Who Are Not…

Some on both sides of this debate would do well to remember this.

Zwinglius Redivivus

Those who have been elected from eternity have undoubtedly been elected before faith. Therefore those who because of their age have not faith, should not be rashly condemned by us; for although they do not as then have it, then God’s election is hidden from us. If before Him they are elect, we judge rashly about things unknown to us.  — Huldrych Zwingli

In consequence- since we don’t know who the elect are- it’s best to act as though everyone is a brother or sister (potentially).  That person down the street may be a long lost brother or sister that simply hasn’t found out who their Father is.

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About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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