The Church’s Anti-Intellectual Erasure of Christian Culture

P. Andrew Sandlin


By anti-intellectualism I mean suspicion or opposition toward the intentional cultivation of the intellect. It’s not limited to the church, by any means (the United States in particular is deeply anti-intellectual[1]); but I’m interested just now in its stranglehold on the church. Before I subject it to a withering assault, however, I’d like offer two qualifications. Most Christians aren’t called by God to be scholars, and most couldn’t be even if they wanted to because God didn’t gift them with exceptional intelligence. God needs all sorts of workers in his vineyard, and he doesn’t privilege intellectuals. Nor should they pride themselves when surveying their less intellectually endowed fellows: the fact is, the car salesman and beautician who work for God’s glory are no less significant in the kingdom than intellectuals.

Second, it’s understandable why so many Christians degenerated into anti-intellectualism over the last century. In the last third…

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About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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