Tullian Tchividjian and the Contemporary Grace Movement

Green Baggins

Tullian Tchividjian has had to step down as senior minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church as a result of an affair that he had in reaction to an affair that his wife Kim had. This is tragic on a number of levels. This is a very high profile PCA church. D. James Kennedy was the founding pastor of the church, and Billy Graham’s grandson Tullian also brought limelight to the church. But it is always Satan’s delight to get ministers to fall in just such a manner. He can bring the church into disrepute. He can provide fodder for unbelievers to laugh at the church and say, “You aren’t any different from us. Why should we join you?” He can shake the faith of many saints in that church as well as other churches.

This affair, I believe, is not unconnected with his theology of sanctification. It would be overly…

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About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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2 Responses to Tullian Tchividjian and the Contemporary Grace Movement

  1. Steve says:

    I believe that he was right on his views of sanctification. That the goal is to “love God and love others”, and that sanctification was not “do more, try harder”, but move deeper into the gospel. That the Law does not come with the power to obey it, but that as we look to the sufficiency of Christ, that his righteousness covers us, and so as we see and believe that we have every need of our heart met in Christ, that the draw of and particular sin can be resisted. He did not speak against spiritual disciplines such as prayer, reading the word, but said they were good. So where is he wrong?

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