The NYT thinks we don’t know for sure if there was a Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

In this piece of shoddy journalism at the NYT “Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place” Rick Gladstone originally claimed that no one knows for sure whether there was ever a temple on the site traditionally known as the “Temple Mount.”

“The question, which many books and scholarly treatises have never definitively answered, is whether the 37-acre site, home to Islam’s sacred Dome of the Rock shrine and Al Aqsa Mosque, was also the precise location of two ancient Jewish temples, one built on the remains of the other, and both long since gone.”

The next day NYT published a correction and edited the article to reflect that we don’t know for sure exactly where on the mount the temples were situated. More information about the changes may be found: New York Times Tweaks Article Questioning Jewish Temples’ Existence on Temple Mount

Read more:

One wonders what kind of “research” Rick Gladstone, the fact-checkers, and the editors did for this article. I’m inclined to suspect that Gladstone et al knew exactly what they were doing but I don’t want to be cynical.


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