Weekly Roundup (02/26/16): Prosperity Gospel and more

Here are some stories I found interesting this week, in no particular order (note that links will open in a  new tab):laptop-1031224_1920

On Dying and Reckoning with the Prosperity Gospel: How church historian Kate Bowler’s cancer diagnosis brought her face-to-face with the beauty and terror of the popular movement.

Here’s a sample:

The saddest stories that I heard in my research were when it was obvious that people would lose to whatever sickness they were facing. But the church was not able to surround them with comfort and tell them that they weren’t to blame or that there were questions and uncertainties beyond our knowledge. They couldn’t tell them that God was present in the suffering of his people, not just in the triumph of them.

Closely related: Why the Prosperity Gospel Did not Exist in the Early Church by Adam4d.com

He almost apologizes for seeming to prefer a small church over a large church (I don’t know why you’d apologize for something like that) but there’s still some good truth here:
Sometimes a Small Church Is the Right Tool for the Job

I do not discuss politics online but this was too funny not to share (from Eye of the Tiber):
Rubio And Other Christian Birthers Demand To See Trump’s Baptismal Certificate

Yours truly participated in a discussion about Angels and Demons at the Simple Theologian project started by my buddy Dan Rose.



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