Links Roundup (04/08/16): Is America a Christian nation? (Thomas Kidd) Is Ted Cruz a Dominionist? Accordance, Joel Watts o Orthodoxy, and more

Here’s some reading for your weekend:

A team of German archeologists (one of whom was apparently Jewish) found the Star of meme-did-roll-eyes-out-loudDavid carved on a Roman temple in Egypt (twice!) and an Egyptian official accused them of it carving it themselves.

Is Ted Cruz a Dominionist or not? asks Warren Throckmorton

John Fea says Yes

Robert Gagnon and Edith Humphrey say No

Accordance has a killer sale on the Hermeneia Commentaries as well as on the Orthodox Study Bible Notes and some classic commentaries by Eadie, Godet, Hort, Lightfoot and Westcott.

If you’re thinking “Orthodox Study Bible?” Let Joel Watts clue you in. He  knows the importance of “big-O” Orthodoxy.

On a more serious note:

Spiritual Attack or Mental Illness? over at Anglican Pastor

Since I’m a priest, people will tell me of a loved one, friend, or acquaintance that is behaving dangerously, strangely, or self-destructively. They wonder if this is a spiritual problem or a mental health problem.

Why do we so quickly think in such binary ways? After all, we believe that Jesus was God and Man. We believe that he had two natures in one person. We don’t have to choose whether he was Man or God, he was fully both.

So when you, or a friend or loved one, experience depression, or panic attacks, or delusional thinking, or any other experience of mental disorder do not try to choose between a spiritual attack or a mental one. You don’t need to!

The New United States: A “Christian Nation”? by Thomas Kidd over at The Anxious Bench. I usually say, “No,” but as Kidd notes in answer to this question, “Then and now, it depends a lot on your perspective.

The Gospel of Mark and the Sense of an Ending over at Living Wittily

This post raises an interesting point:

“The idea that our earliest Gospel should finish on a note of fear and silence is a scandal to any Christian reader who knows the other four canonical Gospels […] How does the Gospel spread if people ar stunned into silence by fears that make them run away? Mark is like one of those films that leaves you hanging, wondering what happens next, aware of unresolved tensions, frustrated by unanswered questions, and feeling let down by a story that had all the makings of an artistic triumph.”

The post goes on the explain how the “To be continued…” nature of this ending is not the scandal it seems to be at first glance.

And finally, since I’m originally a Florida boy, I had to share this:

Hunters kill 15-foot, 800-pound alligator believed to have attacked cattle. Be glad you weren’t swimming in that pond.


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