Michael Phelps (x2), Plagiarism and Bruce Metzger, Amazon Drones, the Millennium Falcon and more! Weekend Links (08/12/16)

Some links to save to Pocket (or your other favorite reading app) for your weekend reading:laptop-1031224_1920

Because it’s Olympic season:

Michael Phelps vs. Himself (NYT)

Comparing Phelps’ times over the course of his career

Michael Phelps Tied A 2,168-Year-Old Olympic Record (Deadspin)

Another two golds last night for Michael Phelps, the most decorated American Olympian ever: That makes 21 gold medals in his career, 25 medals overall, and with his win in the 200m butterfly—a particularly personal win, given his loss in that event four years ago—Phelps now has 12 individual wins to bring him into a tie with the late, great Leonidas of Rhodes.

Amazon keeps doing amazing things:
Think Amazon’s Drone Delivery Idea Is a Gimmick? Think Again

Amazon is the most obscure large company in the tech industry. It isn’t just secretive, the way Apple is, but in a deeper sense, Jeff Bezos’ e-commerce and cloud-storage giant is opaque. Amazon rarely explains either its near-term tactical aims or its long-term strategic vision. It values surprise.

The Despair of Poor White Americans http://ow.ly/43Ej3036LWm

Sometime during the past few years, the country started talking differently about white Americans of modest means.

Plagiarism in Metzger http://ow.ly/SmsV3036MvB

How far can a textbook go? The case of Metzger’s Text of the New Testament
This afternoon I was reading in Leonard Whibley, ed., A Companion to Greek Studies (Cambridge: University Press, 11905), and more in particular R. C. Jebb’s contribution, “Textual Criticism,” (pp. 610–623). When I came to p. 621, § 695, “Modern use of conjecture,” I was in for an unpleasant surprise, for parts of the text were already familiar to me.

It’s time to treat reading like a spiritual discipline http://ow.ly/1xzB3036MVx

[M]y experience has been that people are reading more than ever, but we are reading differently than previous generations did: reading more online and reading shorter pieces (news articles, blog posts) rather than books.

These shifts, particularly toward reading on electronic devices, indicate that reading is becoming a private habit. I would suspect that the vast majority of reading that I do is for the private, self-oriented purpose of either entertaining myself or educating myself in some way (which would include keeping up with news, blogs, etc.). Although there’s nothing wrong with reading privately, I hope that we will not forget the many virtues of reading in community.

For my fellow Star Wars fans: So That’s How the Inside of the Millennium Falcon Is Laid Out

On the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, I happened to stumble upon this Cutaway Ship Replica of the Falcon at the QMx booth. Now, I’m sure plenty of people on the internet have drawn detailed maps of the Falcon but, having never searched them out before, I was in awe at this piece.




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