Abiding in Christ is essential because those who don’t abide are cast out (John 15:6)

There are two, and only two, alternatives: abide in or remain in the vine, and become a fruitful branch, or be cast out and burned.

These are the two options, there is no third option. You are either in Christ and thus striving to grow in your commitment to Him and dependance upon Him, or you can go it alone.

If you are seeking Christ in the power of the Spirit, that is, maintaining your connection to the vine, that walking with Christ and growing in dependance on Him is an indicator that you belong to Him.

Going it alone means being cut off from the vine and we all know what happens when a branch is cut off from a tree or bush or vine: it dies and is destroyed. Why would you seek to live the Christian life under your own power when you could live it under Christ’s power. Refusing to seek Christ daily for His power could be an indication that you are not really connected to the vine. But if you’re connected to the vine, through your faith in Him, the Spirit will lead you to seek Him and will communicate to you the life-giving power of the vine so that you may flourish and thrive.

The Christ who called us wants us not just to be connected to the vine, but to bear fruit, even to bear much fruit.

About Michael R. Jones

Pastor and PhD candidate writing on Paul's theology of suffering.
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