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The Problem with the Church in the World Today

Read this quote and see if it doesn’t sound like the church today: The trouble with us today is not only that the Church’s message has become poisoned with modern thought and has therefore little to say to the modern … Continue reading

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Time-traveling Jesus is your Magic 8-Ball

One of my Facebook friends posted a news article about the Westboro Baptist Church protesting Billy Graham. Someone (one of my friend’s friends) made the following comment:  Jesus never opened his mouth on controversial topics like abortion or gay marriage. … Continue reading

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The Message of Christianity is not Irrelevant, the Church has Made it Irrelevant

Why has the church been so successfully infiltrated by the world? Because in our attempt to make the gospel relevant, we became too enamored by the world and began to seek its approval. This has made the church weak, beginning with those … Continue reading

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A Warning Against Science Fiction Based on a Fallacy

David Cloud of the Fundamental Baptist Information Service gives a warning against reading science fiction because many prominent science fiction writers are/have been humanists, atheists, or evolutionists. Here is the link: David Cloud: Beware of Science Fiction Think through this … Continue reading

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USA Today: Muslims find new Ramadan fast partners: Christians

From USA Today: Muslims find new Ramadan fast partners: Christians Al Mohler’s take (toward the end of the article): The logic of Islam is obedience and submission. It’s by following these practices that a Muslim demonstrates his obedience to the … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson, Death, and You

Jeff Straub points out four things the death of Michael Jackson should bring to our minds: For most unbelieving humanity, death is the inevitable and certain conclusion to life. The majority of the human race―now numbered at more than 6.25 … Continue reading

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Tweets & prayers: Social media spreads the faith in real time

I’ve heard of this elsewhere, but apparently the church we came from in Jacksonville has also gotten into the game. I can’t say I’m surprised; they’ll do anything to draw a crowd except preach from something other than the KJV. … Continue reading

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On the Front Line of the Culture Wars

Kevin Roose, a student at Brown University, spent a semester at Liberty University just to see what it was like and then wrote a book about it.  It sounds like his book is fair and does justice to the people … Continue reading

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Evangelical Group Banned From Tulsa Housing Projects, Chapter Leader Says

In the interest of full disclosure I have to tell you that I worked with Child Evangelism Fellowship for several years as a summer missionary and was informally associated with them for even longer. I would also add that I … Continue reading

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