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Three Foundational Elements Necessary for Any Serious Doctrine of Election

It is a truism that every Christian or system of Christian theology has or must have a doctrine of election. This is because the Bible uses words like “elect,” “election,” “predestine,” and “predestination” so any serious student of the Bible … Continue reading

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Three Things People Should Hear in Every Sermon You Preach

There are some things that should be standard practice in every sermon. To learn to do these every time will take preparation and practice but they will make you a better, that is, a more Christ-centered and text-driven, preacher. 1. … Continue reading

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Calvin: Six Reasons We Pray

These are from Calvin’s Institutes (III.xx.3). Some say that prayer is unnecessary, even disrespectful, since God knows all and wills all. But God does command prayer for his benefit; he wills it for ours. Calvin cites the example of Elijah … Continue reading

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