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Nine Reasons Why Your Prayers Should be Saturated with Thankfulness

Because Scripture Commands It Phil. 4:6 makes thankfulness an essential part of prayer. (“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”) Col. 4:2 connects thankfulness with alertness … Continue reading

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Radio Talk Show Hosts or the Bible?

One thing that bothers me about conservative Christians (and here I use the word “conservative” politically rather than theologically, although I acknowledge some overlap) is what influences them. I know Christians who love the Lord and are faithful and active … Continue reading

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What the Bible is Really All About (and some things it’s not)

These are the notes from a talk I gave Sunday Afternoon after our fellowship meal. The Bible is one book with one story. Here it is. But first, let me clear up some misconceptions about the Bible. Some things people … Continue reading

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Four Ways Prayer helps with Temptation

R. C. Sproul talks a little bit about the importance of prayer for combatting temptation in his book Following Christ: The neglect of prayer is a major cause of stagnation in the Christian life. Consider the example of Peter in … Continue reading

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Trevin Wax: Your Podcast is Not your Pastor

Over at Kingdom People, Trevin Wax offers some healthy thoughts about the role of “podcast pastors” in one’s spiritual growth and development. It is a complex problem (as he admits) and I like that he upholds (sorta) the biblical model … Continue reading

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