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Some Thoughts on Today’s Differing Perspectives of the Church

Some of the problems in Christianity today stem from confusion about the church itself. Different groups, that are often at odds with one another, tend to view the church differently and this difference of perspective has a profound effect on … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Church in the World Today

Read this quote and see if it doesn’t sound like the church today: The trouble with us today is not only that the Church’s message has become poisoned with modern thought and has therefore little to say to the modern … Continue reading

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The Message of Christianity is not Irrelevant, the Church has Made it Irrelevant

Why has the church been so successfully infiltrated by the world? Because in our attempt to make the gospel relevant, we became too enamored by the world and began to seek its approval. This has made the church weak, beginning with those … Continue reading

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The current theological malaise and its inevitable church conflict

This was published in 1992 but it eerily predictive. The battle lines are drawn across denominations and it has led to some strange bedfellows on both sides. (Piper and Warren, anyone?) The prescribed solution, a grounding in theology and attention … Continue reading

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Celebrate what God is doing or gloat over what you think he’s not doing?

I ran into a former church member the other day. (Maybe I should be honest and say “disgruntled former church member.”) They recited a litany of things they had “heard” about our church. It was almost humorous because everything they … Continue reading

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Trevin Wax: Your Podcast is Not your Pastor

Over at Kingdom People, Trevin Wax offers some healthy thoughts about the role of “podcast pastors” in one’s spiritual growth and development. It is a complex problem (as he admits) and I like that he upholds (sorta) the biblical model … Continue reading

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