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Church (Membership) Covenants, Power Structures, and Shepherding the Flock of God

The church where I serve has a  church covenant. It is available on our website and along with it is a document with my own commentary on the church covenant, what the sections mean and how we live it out … Continue reading

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Overcoming Emotional Blockages to your Preaching

God has made us each with an emotional aspect to our personalities. Some react more based on their emotions while others may respond more based on reason. (Contrary to popular belief, the gender stereotypes are not correct here because this … Continue reading

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The hardest but most important thing about pastoral ministry

  A missionary wanted to meet with me recently to ask me about ministry. He told me he wanted to know what pastoral ministry is like. One of the first questions he asked me is this: What is the hardest … Continue reading

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How Doing 100+ Funerals has Made me a Better Pastor, Preacher, and Person

I have been in ministry over eleven years and I have done well over 100 funerals but only one wedding. This has been a source of constant amusement both to my congregation and my pastor friends. This is all in … Continue reading

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