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Reinterpreting the Church’s Mission

Donald Bloesch points out that the rise of new theologies has brought about a drastic reinterpretation of the church’s mission: Whereas traditional theology envisions the church’s mission as the proclamation of the good news of redemption through the cross and … Continue reading

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Incarnation: The mystery of true God and man in one person

From Thomas F. Torrance’s Incarnation: The doctrine of Christ is the doctrine of the mystery of true divine nature and true human nature in one person. This is the very heart of the Christian faith. In Christ something has taken … Continue reading

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The Anti-Imperial Message of the Cross

Neil Elliott, in an essay in Richard Horsley’s Paul and Empire entitled “The Anti-Imperial Message of the Cross,”[1] suggests that Jesus’ death on the cross was a message of the impending defeat of all earthly empires through Christ’s exaltation and … Continue reading

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Michael Bird: Consider Preaching the Psalms at Easter

One of my favorite theologians writing at the present is Australian Michael Bird. His Evangelical Theology is one of the best out there and certainly one of the best systematic Theologies to come along recently. Over on his blog Euangelion, … Continue reading

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Three Foundational Elements Necessary for Any Serious Doctrine of Election

It is a truism that every Christian or system of Christian theology has or must have a doctrine of election. This is because the Bible uses words like “elect,” “election,” “predestine,” and “predestination” so any serious student of the Bible … Continue reading

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Some Tips for Better Engagement in Theological Discourse

Many Christians (and non-Christians) want to be involved in theological discussion on the internet, in Bible studies, and in other contexts where growing Christians (and those opposed to Christianity) are engaged in theological discussion. (Note that I’m mostly talking to Christians … Continue reading

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Why I am uncomfortable using “emptying” language with regard to Christ’s Incarnation

In discussions of the relationship between Christ’s human and divine natures one often hears kenotic language, that is, the language of “emptying. Kenotic language “focuses on the person of Christ in terms of some form of self-limitation by the pre-existent … Continue reading

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