Today With Zwingli: The Break With Erasmus

Zwinglius Redivivus

Zwingli’s biographer notes

“… the break with Erasmus was accompanied with the loss of the friendship of Glareanus, who was the shadow of Erasmus and shared his religious views. This fact comes out in the letter Zwingli, on May 28, 1525, wrote to Vadianus:

“When Erasmus of Rotterdam received my commentary [“On the true and false religion”] he exclaimed, as a friend of his reports: ‘

My good Zwingli, what do you write that I have not first written?’

I tell you this that you may see how far self-esteem can carry us. Would that Erasmus had treated my arguments with his pen! The world would then have been persuaded, so that I should not labour under such a burden of enmity. I always preferred to stay in the background; but the Lord did not wish it, and His will be done.

Would that the name of Erasmus had been…

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